Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hell yeah!

I heard someone say this on TV -

There are two things in this world that keeps coming back.
1. Cockroaches.
2. Aerosmith.

I agree :). Dude still got it.

Lazy lord and the PRESSURE

Ever wondered, most of us always appear perfect to others, when it comes to showing up or keeping promises. We would miss an event only if we fall sick or an unexpected guest (some Indian-ized character from a John Grisham novel that you are currently reading) appears out of the blue or the boss just decides to advance the deadline by 12 months and so we had to work over the weekend or stay in the office for eternity. There is a common thing standing out off all these and that is ... none of these reasons can be verified :). I bet none would say stuff like, its snowing or raining (cos kicks butt) or there's a tornado coming my way or even better...there's a tsunami alert.

We've promised to show-up at a place, but decide the other way when it's time. It happens because every single one of us knows deep-down (atleast I do, keep me company...will ya), that once in a while the lazy lord within, knocks us over and would want us to think that there is nothing better in life than to reach home on a friday evening and stay comfortable in the cozy office wear (maybe loosen the belt and/or tie or...err maybe not) with snacks and drinks spread around (at a hand's reach) and watch every god forbidden thing on television. That's absolutely fine.

An hypothetical instance - The phone rings, I'd pick up and go, "Acchoooo! (blow my nose so hard that the guy on the other end suddenly find his ear wet), hi da! (cough, cough)" and you can imagine the rest of it :). Mission accomplished. Had I said, "dei, i am too lazy. can't make it", I'll be branded as the "the fattest ass ever known to mankind". So, that's unwanted pressure ... you see! So, it's pressure that made me LIE!!! Aaargghhh... Leave the kid alone!

Now, hang-on ... don't you judge me based on this. Next time, when you call, I'd certainly not attempt this. Ahem... what I mean is... I'll have a better reason.

So, when someone gives you a reason next time ... you know what it really translates into .... They have something that is much better than your company. Pardon your friend.... its not him, it could be the lazy lord and the PRESSURE!