Sunday, November 27, 2005


My name's all messed up, here in US :). Was the first week around, and it was time for an apartment hunt. I was at the rental office accompanied by an old friend, who was generously helping me settle down. Not so surprisingly, I found myself filling the lease document and my married friend was busy flirting with the hot clerk. Once I handed over the filled-out form to the office manager, she reads out my name loud, "Bhar-JAVA". At this very instant, my friend turns back fast with a baffled look on his face, but manages to supress his urge to ask me something, until we headed out.

The moment, we were out, he asks me, "How on earth did she know that you worked in JAVA?". Now, it was my turn to put on the puzzled look and then go on to explain that the letter 'G' in my first name was pronounced like in 'George' instead of 'G' in the word 'Go'. With the halo appearing over his head, I assumed that he finally got it...PHEW!

I was later thinking to myself, "How the hell did he miss introducing himself as Manohar-Mainframe?....Damn!".