Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Everyone's a loser ... sometime!

I believe that, time and again, every man indulges himself into some activity that is way too stupid, considering their normal behaviour. You'd understand what I mean better, shortly ;)

Back home, there was this "wise" uncle, who loved to talk about various topics and sounded genuinely knowledgeable until the day, he pretended to be wiser than he ever was. Well, the topic was how cellular phone radiations affected human brain over constant use. It was already around 15-20 minutes into the discussion and it was time where folks would normally start letting out facts and numbers to support their statements.

"You know? A good signal could penetrate a 30-inch steel wall", someone said. Time was running out and my so-called wise uncle could not hold his wise-ness (wisdom) anymore as he wanted to acknowledge the just ended statement with this - "Oh yeah, these signals are undoubtedly very powerful! How else would one expect the phone to vibrate?"

The discussion ended abruptly, I wonder why ;)